Cville Youth


Students from the Crawfordsville area who want to know that they are loved and cared for should join the Christ Is Alive Youth Group.  Our student ministry is about 20 students strong, and enjoy activities together as a group with students from the Highland, WACO, and Washington School districts; even though most live in Crawfordsville, Ainsworth and the Rural Washington area.  From hanging out in the youth room learning about the Bible or playing carpet ball to making a meal at the Ronald McDonald House, our group is about serving each other and our community.  We’re also about fun!  With special trips like AirFx, Adventureland and Paintball!  Each year, we have a retreat for our core members, which deepens our faith, and with the love and support of our church family, we grow in our relationship with Jesus all the time!

We are an active group and we show each other that Jesus Christ IS Alive every day in ourselves and those around us!  For more information, come to church and grab a bulletin – find AmySara’s name and number and call her!  You’ll never be sorry you did!  Okay maybe, but only on days we sling whipped cream at each other!


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