20 November, 2013 20:01

It’s easy to get started! Go to UMCmarket.org View as Web Page
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Imagine No Malaria benefits
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Nigerian widow Bilyatu Lurther is the sole caretaker of a family of seven.Although hardworking, Bilyatu earns less than the national minimum wage. Not long ago, one of the family’s most difficult obstacles was malaria. During the rainy season, each family member averaged three to four expensive visits to the health clinic for lifesaving medical care. Thanks to Imagine No Malaria, the family no longer has to deal with this worry, fear or debilitating financial expense. You can help save other children, just like Bilyatu’s, from a death sentence of this preventable and treatable disease. Simply shop online for the things you already plan to purchase.

Go to UMCmarket.org, an online shopping community designed especially for members of The United Methodist Church (and approved by the General Council on Finance and Administration). You’ll find many of the largest retailers on the Web. When you buy items (or even travel), select Imagine No Malaria and a commission from your purchase will go directly to this ministry — at no extra cost to you!

It’s easy to get started!

1. Go to: www.UMCmarket.org
2. Watch the video “How it Works.”
3. Click on “My Page” and join the site.
4. Click on the “Organization” tab to search for “Imagine No Malaria.”
5. Click “Join organization.”
6. Every time you shop through UMCmarket, stores will donate a portion of your purchase to Imagine No Malaria.

Thank you!

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton
Chairperson, Global Health Initiative


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